An affordable alternative to labor-intensive, Facility Use Requests

6 Powerful Features that work for everyone.

Developed for school districts, colleges and universities, and municipalities that offer recreational, performance and meeting spaces to their communities, MasterLibrary™ Schedules™ software provides valuable features and benefits for as little as $100/month. Call 585.270.6676 today to see if ML Schedules™ software is a good fit for your organization's needs.

MasterLibrary Schedules saves you time and money.

Facility Owners & Managers: Features and Benefits

Move labor-intensive, time-consuming public space requests from hard-copy forms and spreadsheets to the cloud. Reduce the labor and associated costs with space requests while improving community user satisfaction. Available for as little as $100/month, MasterLibrary™ Schedules™ software provides these and other features and benefits to school districts, municipalities, colleges and universities, and other building owners and facility managers.

Custom definitions of public meeting sites and spaces organized by building/location
Customize your space and site definitions including with standard and custom categories
Self Booking allows both internal district and external community users to easily create accounts to submit Requests
Dramatically reduce the internal resources required to manage available public spaces
Automatic invoicing using your district's fees for community users
Reduce the time, paper and costs associated with invoicing
Integrated approvals allow different approval paths and approvers based on space/site
Automate who approves what spaces and sites at specific times in the request process
Cloud-based 24/7 accessibility provides staff with system access from any web-enabled device
Improve response times with automated processes and access from virtually anywhere
Real-time reporting of request summaries with flexible custom filters, logs and views
Eliminate overbooking with a self-updating automated system
Easy-to-use, intuitive forms use same processes you already use without the paperwork
Reduce learning curve for staff using forms and processes already in place
Fully electronic records, invoices and communications
Reduce operating costs while supporting your organization's green initiatives
24/7 community system access increases space requests
Increased sports Booster Club revenue through incremental concession stand sales
MasterLibrary Schedules saves you time and money.

Community Users: Features and Benefits

Self-managed accounts, searchable space and site database, and user-entered requests let community groups and residents eliminate the need to interact with staff during the request process. Automated confirmation, invoicing and tracking help increase community satisfaction while real-time reports keep building owners up-to-date on all aspects of space requests. MasterLibrary™ Schedules™ software provides these and other features and benefits to community groups and individuals.

Self-created user accounts initiated by residents and/or community group representatives
Eliminate need to contact staff, saving users and owners time and resources
Search filters based on location, type, date and other parameters
Reduce the time needed to find availability of specific sites and spaces
Automatic email confirmation and invoicing
Eliminate possibilities of lost invoices with tracking numbers and historical record
User tracking ability for pending space requests
Increase confidence that requested space will be available at designated date and time
Cloud-based accessibility to user accounts from any web-enabled device
Improve accessibility and transparency to request data
Fully automated system using intuitive forms
Increase community satisfaction with increased efficiency and communications
Paperless, secure, cloud-based system
Reduce cost of paper prints, postage, phone calls and possible trips
24/7 community access to request system increases space requests
Increased requests resulting in incremental Booster Club concession-stand sales

"The District is quite pleased with both the performance of ML Schedules™ over the past 12 months as well as what we consider to be a very quick ROI on our annual subscription cost."
- Jon, Facilities Director, N. Syracuse Central School District, NY

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