Customize almost any aspect of your district's online Facility Use Request process!

Moving a district's existing Facility Use Request process to the cloud is a lot easier when fields, fees, forms and other items relating to the process can be customized for a specific site, space or event.

ML Schedules™ K12 Software provides subscribing districts with the ability to customize a number of important aspects of the online Facility Use Request process to further reduce the labor and time needed while increasing cost recovery efforts.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields

Districts can create their own unique fields in ML Schedules™ Software that can then be selected for display in Facility Use Request forms associated with a specific site or space. Learn more...

Custom Fees

Assign flexible usage fees

With ML Schedules™ Software, districts can specify Facility Usage fees based on Group Classification. For example, an internal school group wouldn't be charged a Usage fee while a for-profit community group would. Plus all usage fees can be made on a flat-event or hourly rate! Learn more...

Custom Forms

Selectively display fields on Request forms

Present only the information needed for a specific space with ML Schedules™ Software's ability to select exactly what specific fields--including custom ones--should be displayed in the online Request form for a particular space. No more asking if a lifeguard is needed for an event held in the auditorium! Learn more...

Building Based Permissions

Building-based Permissions for District Staff Approval and Management

Limit the buildings for which district staff have various approval, administration and management capabilities. Available building-based Permissions available include: Approve on Behalf of Others; Edit Requests; Bypass Approval; Bypass Blocked Dates; Bypass Min/Max Days notice to submit a Request; Double Book; Cancel Approved Request; Send Invoice; View Reports, and; View Financial Reports. These Permission settings are in addition to the Roles available to district users: Additionally Notify, Space Approver, Athletic Director, Group Classification Manager, and District Admin.

Other ML Schedules™ Software customization options include site and space names, approval paths based on space and/or building, calendar views, district branding and more. Contact us via email or call 585.270.6676, x112 for more information including a demo customized to your district's needs.

Now more affordable and cost-effective than ever!

If you think your district can't afford a Facility Use Scheduling platform with all these features, think again! With subscriptions starting as little as $100/month, your district can't afford not to be using ML Schedules™ Software to automate your Facility Use Request process.

Learn how quickly ML Schedules™ Software can pay for itself at your district with our online Return On Investment calculator. Then schedule a demo customized to your district's needs.

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