ML Schedules™ Software integration with other Applications

As a best-in-class product, ML Schedules™ K12 Software focuses on providing an optimal online Facility Use Request process for school districts and their stakeholders. For those times when a district wants to share information from other applications, ML Schedules™ Software provides the ability to pass data between other district software applications using one of two methods:

  1. Direct integration via ML Schedules™' Application Programming Interface (API), or;
  2. Using another software's data export capabilities in Microsoft® Excel format.

Some commonly requested integration from districts using ML Schedules™ Software include:

  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Athletic League Scheduling
  • Google Calendar
  • Work Order Software
  • Building Automation Systems

Active Directory Integration using LDAP

Active Directory Integration

Setup of district user accounts is a snap with ML Schedules™ Software's integration with Active Directory using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

Using a simple one-time process, District Admins–working with a district IT representative–can easily connect ML Schedules™ Software to the district's Active Directory server where district user names can then be imported to our Facility Use Request software to create a new user account. The software then uses the password stored in Active Directory to authenticate the user's login request.

Direct Integration with ScheduleGalaxy™ Athletic League Software


ScheduleGalaxy™ Athletic League Software now provides direct real-time integration with ML Schedules™ Software preventing the need to double enter athletic events. Changes made in ScheduleGalaxy™ Software are automatically passed to ML Schedules™ Software.

Once your district's MasterLibrary API key has been added to your ScheduleGalaxy™ school information page and the locations are mapped to your ML Schedules™ spaces, any sporting events that are added, updated or removed in ScheduleGalaxy™ will immediately be synchronized in ML Schedules™ Software.

Other athletic league applications can opt to use ML Schedules™' API or users can export data at a fixed time to be imported into ML Schedules™ Software.

Google Calendar Integration

Google Calendar Integration

Facility Use Request processing data can also be integrated between ML Schedules™ Software and Google Calendar for use with the public display of information via a District's website event calendar. Our software manages data in a format that can easily be passed to and from Google Calendars to ensure data synchronization across applications. This capability is especially important during the Facility Use Request approval process.

Work Order and Building Automation Software Integration

ML Work Orders

Our API allows enterprise-wide district applications such as Work Order and Building Automation systems to pull specific event data from ML Schedules™ Software at whatever frequency is required by the application.

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